Band Aids and Other Political Thoughts

Band Aid US is a recurring theme in my work and thoughts during the past few years. Other political thoughts center with the news of the day, such as the plight of the “Huddled Masses”.

Band Aid US Band Aid Flag Mayor Bowser of District of Columbia Solo Show, Bender Art Gallery, Jewish Community Center, Rockville, Maryland.jpg2 Band Aids 12 Band Aids 11 Band Aids 10 Band Aids 8 Band Aids 9 Band Aids 7 Band Aids 6 Band Aids 5 Band Aids 4 Band Aids 3 Band Aids 2 Band Aids Huddled Masses (4) Huddled Masses (3) Huddled Masses (2) Lady Liberty Weeps How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? Huddled Masses Bandaid Across America Bandaids of Surrender Blue US HealUs Ruthless USAskew Do Something Huddled Masses Quilt Bandaids Across US Huddled Masses' Nightmare Band Aid US #5