Handmade quilts serve as a common thread running through my life. Since childbirth, I have been surrounded by their warmth and comfort. I have volunteered with Quilts of Valor and distributed their quilts from quilters across the U.S. to wounded warriors in the DC area. All remnants from my late mother’s sewing all of our clothes were also donated for their cause. My ceramic sewn quilt series capture various types of quilts that parallel the chapters of my life story.

Gee's Bend Quilters' Influence Gee's Bend Quilt Remnence of Gee's Bend Stripes Patchwork Quilt Homage to the Square Revisited Quilt E Quilt Wavy Quilt Gee's Bend Inspiration Quilt Chicken or the Egg? Quilt Pipe Dreams Quilt Tee Time Quilt Garbled Quilt Red Rooster Quilt Log Cabin Quilt Daisy Quilt Circular Quilt Homage to the Square Quilt Jumping on Granny's Quilt Butterfly Quilt, National Institutes of Health Art Collection Wash Day Quilt In The Beginning Heart Sunny Side Up Tribute to the Gee’S Bend Quilters Striped Quilt Sewn Textured Quilt Appliqué Quilt Horsehair Raku Fish Quilt Raku Fish Quilt Home Quilt Honey in the Making Quilt Log Cabin Quilt Butterfly Quilt Hearts and Flowers Quilt IMG_1966-Edit.jpg FullSizeRender-Edit.jpg FullSizeRender-4-Edit.jpg FullSizeRender-9-Edit.jpg FullSizeRender-6-Edit-Edit.jpg IMG_2428-1-Edit.jpg IMG_2426-Edit.jpg Homage to Homage to the Square FullSizeRender-11-Edit.jpg Ms Liberty Weeps Band Aid US IMG_2386-Edit.jpg Remnant Quilt, Too Raku Fish Quilt Peruvian Quilt Oz Never Gave Nothing to the Tin Man that He Didn’t, Didn’t Already Have Monumental Quilt Flower Quilt Fishy Patchwork Quilt Crazy Quilt Spool Quilt Ununited States Taxation without Representation Hung Out to Dry Clothesline Quilt Chicken Lip Quilt America in Klutz Remnant Quilt Applica Quilt Torn Quilt Patchwork Quilt Unfinished Business Quilt DC is Home Quilt Crazy Quilt Gee Bend Homage Quilt McKim-Baby Block Variation McKim-Cottage Quilt Variation Mended Heart Applique Quilt Homage to Native Americans Quilt Homage to Gee's Bend Quilters #9 Homage to Gee's Bend Quilters #8 Homage to Gee's Bend Quilters #6 Homage to Gee's Bend Quilters #5 Blue Applique Quilt Log Cabin Quilt #3 Cubist Hearts Red White and Blue Patterned Quilt Sweetheart Rose Quilt English Garden Quilt Checkerboard Quilt When I Grow Up, I Want to Quilt Like Grandma Field Trip to the Gallery Blah Blah Blah Quilt Spool Quilt Sunflower Mosaic